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Thread: ArcGis 10 Crack with EASY Tutorial!

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    ArcGis 10 Crack with EASY Tutorial!

    Hi, Here a simple guide to install and crack ArcGis 10! Follow this guide step-by-step and everything should work perfectly!

    I did not invent thoses files I just notice that lots of peoples where having trouble to crack ArcGis and decided to help...

    This is for testing the program only! If you plan on making money with it, then, Buy it!

    In this tutorial I often use the destination "Program Files (x86)" thats because I am on a 64bit system! You may have a 32bit system, then yours will be "Program Files"...

    Sorry for my bad English writing

    First we need to install the License Manager (Not ArcGis main program yet!)

    01 - Download ArcGis 10 from this forum (do not care about the crack coming with it!)

    02 - Open the ArcGis folder and browse to "Desktop/License" and start "Setup.exe"

    03 - When the installer windows open click "Next, I accept, Next, Next, Next" then leave it install itself... Then "Finish"

    04 - After the installer finished a window will open! Click "Cancel"

    Now we will crack the License Manager

    01 - Open the Crack folder you downloaded with this tutorial and go to "License/overwrites" and open the file Licence.lic with a notepad. (You can alternatively open notepad and drag the files in it to open...)

    02 - At the top of the files its written "SERVER ???? ESRI_SENTINEL_KEY=37102011 27001" Replace the ???? with the name of your computer.

    03 - To know the name of your computer go to "Start, right click on Computer, Click Properties and look at computer name in this window... (Write it exactly the same way! Capital letters and all...)

    04 - Now save the Licence.lic file...

    05 - Select all the files in the folder "License/overwrites" and paste them in "C:/Program Files (x86)/ArcGis/License10.0/bin" Overwrite everything!

    06 - If you have problems overwriting the files its because some process block you!

    07 - Right click on your TaskBar and select "Start Task Manager" in the Process tab look for "lmgrd.exe and ARCGIS.exe" and Stop them! (Select the process and click "End Process" at the bottom of the window)

    08 - If you can't find the processes click "Show processes from all users" at the bottom of the window

    09 - When thoses processes are closed you should be able to overwrite all the files

    10 - Then, in the same folder, start "lmtools.exe"

    11 - Go to the "Config Services" Tab

    12 - Look for "Path to the Imgrd.exe file" and browse to this file! (its in the same place...)

    13 - Look for "Path to the license file" and browse to your licence.lic! (its in the same place also...)

    14 - Then Click "Save Service" and YES

    15 - Then go to the "Start/Stop/Reread" Tab and Click "Start Server"

    Now we will install the Main program!

    01 - Open your downloaded ArcGis folder again

    02 - Go to "Desktop/" and Start "Setup.exe"

    03 - Then "Next, I accept..., Complete, Next, Next, and change the Python26 destination to Program Files (x86)/Arcgis, Next, Next"

    04 - At the End of the installation (It can be long!) Click Finish and Click Cancel on the next window!

    Now we will crack the Registry (Last step!)

    01 - Go back into our Crack folder and copy the file "AFCore.dll" to "C:/Program Files (x86)/ArcGis/Desktop10.0/bin" and overwrite the existing one...

    02 - Then Double click on the file "float.reg" and accept all...

    Voila! ArcGis10 should now be installed and working correctly...

    For a Video of this installation go to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBQGG0tpB2Q

    Its in Spanish but you do not need to understand the language to follow the tutorial!

    If this tutorial helped you just say thanks, it will make my day!

    Download Link:





    10 Downloads and no thanks!

    16 Downloads and no thanks!

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    I'm trying to get my ArcGIS running. I'm not using the files from your link, but the ones I have are the same structure. I did the installation exactly according to your guide, but when I try to run the program it just fails. It says "ArcGIS Desktop has encountered a serious application error and is unable to continue".
    Do you have some advice how to make it work? I really need to use ArcGIS for my studies and I can't access our college license because I'm abroad and the internet connection isn't good enough to get it and hold it...

    Thanks a lot!

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    ArcInfo runs perfectly; the crack/install procedure is very well described and easy to follow.
    A big thanks!

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