Vogone Vocal Remover v3.30

Windows 7/Vista/XP

Vogone is a stand-alone advanced Vocal Remover/Eliminator/Reducer software product.

Many songs have musical instruments mixed at the same stage location with the vocal you want to remove.

Only Vogone allows you to decide how much vocal to remove, and how much music to keep.

You instantly hear your adjustments, knowing when you find the "sweet spot" that creates the best music with the least vocals.

It can deliver acceptable results on many songs that otherwise you would not be able to find without vocals.


* On-Screen Hold-My-Hand Steps Guide

* Import CD Tracks Directly

* Vogone is unique among other vocal reducer programs and expensive boxes

* Use Your Karaoke BIN, KMA, ZIP, MP3+G, WMA+G, WAV+G Files

* Use Your Audio MP3, WMA and WAV Files

* Remove Center Panned Vocals

* Remove Off-Center Vocals

* Adjust For Quality Music

* Boost Music Bass And Treble

* Create 2-Track Monaural Files

* Create Stereo, Karaoke, or Multiplexed Files

* Reverse Or Create Karaoke Multiplex Songs

* Instantly Play Anywhere

* Boost The Volume

* Professionally Written Manual

Creates Stereo Or Mono Music

Vogone's unique digital signal processing preserves instruments that are not mixed with the vocal, keeping their stereo mix location.

Before saving your output file you simply select; True Stereo to preserve the stereo music,

For Karaoke to mix both tracks and duplicate the mono mix on both channels for creating Karaoke CD+G songs.

Only Vogone gives you this flexibility.

Creates & Reverses Multiplexed Songs

Vogone can output Multiplex songs with the original music with vocals, and the vocal removed music-only on opposite tracks.

With a Karaoke Machine or MTU Video Hoster, you can play these files and select to hear the vocals+music for practicing, or the music only for performing.

Vogone also allows opening a multiplexed file, identifying which track has the vocals+music, then save a non-multiplexed file with the music only track duplicated on both tracks in the new file.

Processes All File Types And Imports CD Tracks

Vogone directly opens and processes these Audio file types: WAV, WMA, MP3, and these Karaoke file types: KMA, BIN, ZIP, MP3+G, WMA+G and WAV+G.

All files must be created stereo at 44.1KHz Audio CD sample rate

Vogone also digitally imports CD Disc tracks directly as .wav files to the hard drive, giving you the best possible results.

Vogone created files are the same format as your original, leaving your original music file unchanged.

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