oobetimer method

This is the most accurate & non virus, non crack type of activating windows xp3

1) Go to command prompt and type



2) on the left of the window click on


HKEY_local_machine > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > windows NT > CurrentVersion > WPAEvents

3) click on the OOBETimer on the right side of the window and delete all deletable numbers

4) then type *remember you have to type don’t copy paste it*


ff d5 71 d6 8b 6a 8d 6f d5 33 93 fd

Now u can do one of two things depending on your situation. If you have a genuine key go with option A, if not, option B.

A) right click on wpaevent & select permissions, then click on system and on deny full control

press apply ... ok ... ok

The procedure below can also be done as a time pass or to remove the counterfeiting error.

B) click on start > run and type


oobe/msoobe /a press ok Now select phone activation

and click on change key




update it and click on remind me later….

restart Now

again click on start > run and type


oobe/msoobe /a press ok and you will see that the window is already activated

This method does not require an internet connection

This guide was adapted from the guide by Amit Godbole (India)