novakiller.1.9 (SlySoft Reset Tool)

filesize: 1.295.937 bytes

md5: 87672e4672b5ff5c449d91be3932616c

sha1: 5256675c9e2b9e8cef2ed5406fae228bc630368b

sha256: b2a57373c0de96828209415af71cca949f4777cdc78515d1a7 e6c11a34ff7770

this utility resets the trial period for





Game Jackal (& Enterprise) checked with w2k, xp, vista, win7, 32/64


novakiller / anydvd howto

first thing: don't use any cracks/patches/activators!

(often they don't work anyway - it looks like but it doesn't)

you need a clean install to run novakiller successfully!

using a key is ok.

if your current version is genuine (unpatched), you don't have to uninstall it.

otherwise, uninstall and reboot.

leave the current or install the genuine version you want to use and go to 1)

1) reboot into safe mode. (in safe mode it will work 100% guaranteed)

2) run novakiller as admin.

3) reboot into normal windows - done. 21 days left!

or (e.g. anydvd)

4) if you want to use a leaked key, disconnect your pc from the internet before rebooting into normal windows.

5) after reboot, doubleclick the key to register it or use "Register AnyDVD" (in the start menu) to register the key. then restart anydvd.

6) uncheck: "program settings -> automatically check for new anydvd version".

- repeat step 6) for any other users!

7) now you can connect to the internet again.

in my opinion you have some advantages if staying in trialmode:

you don't have to look every some days for a new hd-key (if any) or to use a doubtful patch.

instead run novakiller every 3 weeks, thats it!

you can always use the latest final- or beta-version and use hd/blueray.

if you use a leaked key, you can't get updates (or you will become blacklisted).

in case of anydvd it's up to the key if hd/blueray is possible (classic-key: no | hd-key: yes)

if your key accidently became blacklisted (e.g. internet on before disabling automatic update), novakiller usually deletes the blacklist in normal mode without reboot.

please reply how it worked for you - thanks!


download novakiller.1.9:

download novakiller.1.8:

download latest slysoft versions directly:



download older final versions:

download anydvd incl. HD-key:

pw: 4all

download clonedvd incl. key:

pw: 4all

download clonedvdmobile incl. key:

pw: 4all

download clonecd incl. key:

pw: 4all

download game jackal incl. key:

pw: 4all

howto boot into safe mode ;)



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