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Wilbur Addison Smith (born 9 January 1933 in Broken Hill, Northern Rhodesia, now Kabwe, Zambia) is a best-selling novelist. His writings include 16th and 17th century tales about the founding of the southern territories of Africa and the subsequent adventures and international intrigues relevant to these settlements. His books often fall into one of three series. These works of fiction draw on history and help to explain the rise and historical influence of the Dutch and English whites in southern Africa that eventually claimed this diamond and gold rich and disputed territory as home.

As a baby, he was sick with swag flu for ten days, but made a full recovery. He spent the first years of his life on his father's cattle ranch which consisted of 12,000 hectares (25,000 acres) of forest, hills and savannah. On the ranch his companions were the sons of the ranch workers, small black boys with the same interests and preoccupations as Wilbur Smith. With his companions he ranged through the bush, hiking, hunting, and trapping birds and small mammals. His mother read to him every night and later gave him novels of escape and excitement, which piqued his interest in fiction; however, his father dissuaded him from pursuing writing.

He went to boarding school at Cordwalles Preparatory School in Natal (now Kwa-Zulu Natal). While in Natal he continued to be an avid reader and had the good fortune to have an English master who made Wilbur Smith his protégé, and would discuss the books Wilbur had read that week. Unlike Wilbur's father and many others, the English master made it clear to Wilbur that being a bookworm was praiseworthy, rather than something to be ashamed of and let Wilbur know that his writings showed great promise. He tutored Wilbur on how to achieve dramatic effects, to develop characters and to keep a story moving forward.

Next he went to Michaelhouse (St Michael's academy for young gentlemen) situated on the foothills of the Drakensberg mountains. He never felt like he "fitted in" with the people, goals, and interests of the other students at Michaelhouse. On a positive note, he did start a school newspaper at Michaelhouse for which he wrote the entire content, except for the sports pages. His weekly satirical column became mildly famous, and were circulated as far as afield as Wykham Collegiate and St Annes.

Later Wilbur attended Rhodes University in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa. He became a journalist, writing about social conditions in South Africa, but his father's advice to "Get a real job" prompted him to become a tax accountant (chartered accountant). After he qualified as a Chartered Accountant, he married and had two children. The marriage ended badly and the divorce led to alimony and child support payments that left him penniless at only twenty four years of age.

He turned back to his first love, fiction and this time he determined to write it, and to his delight found that he was able to sell his first story to 'Argosy' magazine for seventy pounds, which was twice his monthly salary. His first attempt at a novel, 'The Gods First Make Mad', was rejected so for a time he returned to work as a tax accountant, until the urge to write once again overwhelmed him .

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The Courtney Series

Wilbur Smith - Birds Of Prey

Wilbur Smith - Blue Horizon

Wilbur Smith - Triumph Of The Sun

Wilbur Smith - The Sound Of Thunder

Wilbur Smith - Assegai

Wilbur Smith - The Burning Shore

Wilbur Smith - A Sparrow Falls

Wilbur Smith - Power Of The Sword

Wilbur Smith - Rage

Wilbur Smith - Golden Fox

Wilbur Smith - A Time To Die

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The Ballantyne Series

Wilbur Smith - A Falcon Flies

Wilbur Smith - Men Of Men

Wilbur Smith - The Angels Weep

Wilbur Smith - The Leopard Hunts In Darkness

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The Egyptian Series

Wilbur Smith - River God

Wilbur Smith - The Seventh Scroll

Wilbur Smith - Warlock

Wilbur Smith - The Quest

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Wilbur Smith - Cry Wolf

Wilbur Smith - Eagle In The Sky

Wilbur Smith - Elephant Song

Wilbur Smith - Hungry As The Sea

Wilbur Smith - Shout At The Devil

Wilbur Smith - The Dark Of The Sun

Wilbur Smith - The Diamond Hunters

Wilbur Smith - The Eye Of The Tiger

Wilbur Smith - The Sunbird

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My Entire Collection Can Be Found In This Topic:

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